Please note that I only provide online psychotherapy to adults and couples at present. No in-person services.

For Adults

I facilitate both short-term and longer term individual therapy processes. I follow an integrative approach using elements of person-centred, cognitive-behavioural, solution-focused, and narrative therapy. I may also follow a fully psychodynamic approach, particularly in a longer term process. Online therapy is also available to adults.

For Adolescents

With older or more psychologically mature adolescents I do talking therapy, very similar to the adult individual therapy process. With younger adolescents I implement a combination of talking therapy and playing games that assist with emotional expression.

Children do not yet have the capacity to fully express their emotions verbally. They can however work through and process difficult emotions or life circumstances via play. At the lower age range (4 to 8), I use mainly play therapy. At the higher age range (9 to 12) I use a combination of play therapy and talking therapy. 

I follow a solution-focused approach to couples therapy. I help to identify the areas in the relationship that need to be addressed and assist the couple in addressing these areas. I also explore individual personal history which may be affecting the current relationship. Couples are generally seen together in all sessions. Therapy can also start with initial individual sessions if this is your preference.